VAT, Payroll & CIS

We will guide you through all the complexities of VAT, Payroll and CIS.


We will guide you through all the complexities of Value Added Tax (VAT) and ensure you incur no extra charges or attract any penalties.


As policies on taxation, employment and pension continue to get complex, handling your business’s payroll becomes an ever-increasing burden. As far as your payroll is concerned, our confidential services include:

  • Payslips generated by a computer
  • PAYE, National Insurance, and Statutory payments administration
  • Student loans, Attachment of Earning Orders, CSA, and other similar programs are available
  • Dealing with HMRC paperwork and communication, as well as completing required paperwork (including year-end returns)
  • Staff cost summaries and analysis
  • Pension-related assistance
  • Fixed-budget costs.


We will keep track of your transactions and report requirements to HMRC, as well as create CIS vouchers.